imodsortsurf(1)                                                imodsortsurf(1)

       imodsortsurf - Sort contours into surfaces or surfaces into objects

       imodsortsurf  [options]  input_model  output_model

       This program can do two different operations related to surfaces. 1) It
       can use the mesh produced by imodmesh to analyze the connections
       between contours, and assign each set of connected contours a separate
       surface number.  2) It can place each surface into a separate object.
       The latter operation can be done either on existing surfaces or on the
       surfaces produced by analyzing the mesh.

       -o list
              Restrict the sorting to objects in the given list of object num-
              bers, which can consist of a comma-separated set of ranges.  The
              default is to do all objects.

       -s     Split surfaces into new objects.

       -e     Use existing surfaces when splitting them into new objects.  The
              default is to analyze the surfaces from the mesh instead.  With
              this option, no mesh is required.

       -c     Make new objects the same color as the object from which they
              are derived.  Most other display properties are transferred from
              the existing object to the new object.

       -k     Keep the surface numbers when moving contours into new objects.
              The default is to set surface numbers to zero.

       David Mastronarde,  mast at colorado dot edu

       imodmesh, 3dmod

       When surfaces are split into new objects, contour and surface labels
       will be lost.  Also, stored view information will not be copied to the
       new objects.

BL3DEMC                              4.7.3                     imodsortsurf(1)