Tumbler Window

The tumbler window displays a projected view of a rectangular portion of the image volume. The subset is initially a small cube but the size can be changed with the X, Y and Z spin button controls. The volume can be rotated with the keypad arrow keys just as in 3dmodv.

The intensity adjustment of the projected image may not work very well. If the image appears saturated, spread out the Black and White sliders in the Information window.

If data have been loaded into the program as 16-bit integers instead of bytes, they are first converted to bytes using the scaling determined by the the Low and High sliders in the Info window. For best results, be sure that the Low and High sliders are set so that images have a good contrast with a fairly wide range between the Black and White sliders.

Toolbar Controls

The zoom spin box lets you increase, decrease, or type in a zoom factor.

The checkerboard toggles between low resolution rendering with nearest-neighbor interpolation and high-resolution rendering with quadratic interpolation.

The lock button will lock the X/Y/Z position of the volume. The X, Y, and Z spin controls allow you to change the size of any dimension of the volume.

The Black and White threshold sliders allow you to cut out extraneous image material by setting all pixels in the volume with values below the black threshold to 0, and all pixels with values above the white threshold to 255.

Hot Keys Specific to the Tumbler Window

S            Toggle stereo mode.
B            Toggle display of bounding box.
-/=          Decrease/Increase zoom factor.
F5/F6      Decrease/Increase black threshold level.
F7/F8      Decrease/Increase white threshold level.
,/.           Decrease/Increase angular increment when rotating.
Ctrl+S      Make TIFF snapshot of image in window.
Shift+S    Make snapshot of window with primary non-TIFF format.
Ctrl+Shift+S      Make snapshot with second non-TIFF format.
Keypad up and down arrows rotate the volume around the X axis.
Keypad left and right arrows rotate the volume around the Y axis.
Keypad PgUp and PgDn rotate the volume around the Z axis.
Esc      Close window.
All other keys that are common to image display windows perform their normal functions; see 3dmod Hot Keys.

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