3dmod Hot Keys

Model edit functions
Position control, moving current viewing point
Contrast functions
Window control
Zap window hot keys
Slicer window hot keys

Many of these hot keys are available in menus that pop up when you right-click on the toolbars in the Zap, Slicer, and XYZ windows. This gives you another way to look up the keys as well as execute the operation.

Model edit functions

OGo to previous object.
PGo to next object.
Shift+CGo to next contour.
CGo to previous contour.
5/6Go to previous/next contour in same surface.
7/8Go to previous/next surface.
[ or <Go to previous point.
] or >Go to next point.
{ or (Go to first point in contour.
} or )Go to last point in contour.
EUnselect current point.
Shift+EUnselect current contour.
NCreate a new contour.
Shift+NCreate a new contour with a new surface number.
0Create a new object.
DeleteDelete current model point.
Shift+DDelete current contour or all selected contours.
Ctrl+DTruncate current contour at current point.
Ctrl+Shift+DDelete current surface.
Shift+MMove contour to selected object or surface.
KCopy contour (when Edit-Contour-Copy dialog is open).
Shift+JJoin selected contours.
Ctrl+BBreak contour (when Edit-Contour-Break dialog is open).
Shift+OToggle selected contour(s) of closed-type objects between open and closed.
Ctrl+GToggle making a gap between the current point and the next.
MToggle model edit mode and movie mode.
Ctrl+ZUndo changes to the model.
Ctrl+YRedo model changes that were undone.
TToggle model drawing on/off.
Shift+TToggle current point/contour markers on/off.
Ctrl+TToggle current object on/off.
GToggle nearby contour ghost draw mode; does not work with Interpolator.
Ctrl+Shift+GAlso toggle ghost mode; works when Interpolator is being used.
SSave model file.
Ctrl+SMake TIFF snapshot of image in window (Tumbler also).
Shift+SMake non-TIFF snapshot of image in window (Tumbler also).
Ctrl+Shift+SMake snapshot with second non-TIFF format.
FPrint current pixel value in information window.
Shift+FFind the maximum pixel within 10 pixels and report its value, or toggle FFT in Slicer.
Ctrl+FPrint name of file at current Z value when multiple single-image files are loaded as Z planes.
,Decrease movie speed.
.Increase movie speed.
-Decrease Zoom
= or +Increase Zoom (except Slicer, where only = and Keypad + zoom up)
3/4Start or stop a movie through time in forward/reverse direction.
#/$Start or stop a movie through Z in forward/reverse direction.

Position control, moving current viewing point

PageUpIncrease Z
PageDownDecrease Z
Shift+PageUpIncrease Z to next section with contours in current object.
Shift+PageDownDecrease Z to previous section with contours in current object.
Keypad-StarIncrease Z by the big paging step size, adjustable in Behavior tab of Options dialog with a default 10.
Keypad-SlashDecrease Z by the big paging step size.
Up-ArrowIncrease Y
Down-ArrowDecrease Y
Right-ArrowIncrease X
Left-ArrowDecrease X
EndGo to Z = 1;
HomeGo to Z = max;
InsertGo to middle Z of stack (use Help key next to Home on Mac)
Shift+HomeGo to middle Z of stack (for Mac where Help brings up help)
1/2Previous/Next Time Index.
!/@Set time index to beginning/end (using Start or End for Time in Edit-Movie dialog).
Keypad-2/4/6/8Move current model point in X/Y in Zap window in model mode,
Pan in Zap window in movie mode.
Keypad-3/9Move current model point in Z in Zap window in model mode

Contrast functions

Shift+AAutocontrast - set to target mean and SD of intensity.
F1Decrease Black Level
F2Increase Black Level
F3Decrease White Level
F4Increase White Level
F5Decrease Contrast.
F6Increase Contrast.
F7Decrease Brightness.
F8Increase Brightness.
F9Select Color map ramp # 1.
F10Cycle through Color map ramps: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 1.
F11 or &Invert Color map.
F12 or *Toggle False Color.

Window control

\Open Slicer window.
VOpen Model View window.
Shift+GOpen Graph window.
Ctrl+XOpen XYZ window.
ZOpen Zap window.
Ctrl+POpen Image Processing window.
Shift+UOpen Model View and Isosurface windows.
Shift+HOpen Grab with Note plugin.
Ctrl+RRaise all 3dmod windows above other windows.

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