3dmod Startup Window

When 3dmod is started with no arguments or with the -O argument, this dialog is opened to provide the ability to select many of the options that can be controlled with command-line arguments. In addition, input files can be selected with a file chooser.

The Start program as radio buttons select the mode in which the program will be run; the two choices are equivalent to starting the program at the command line with "3dmod" or "3dmodv".

The four lines for specifying input files allow you either to type file names into the text boxes or to open a file chooser to select the files, using a Select button. The first line is used to specify either image files, when running the program as "3dmod", or model files, when running as "3dmodv". There are several special features for this line:

The line for specifying a piece list file will also accept multiple filenames, up to one per image file. Multiple montages are allowed only when they constitute an image pyramid. Filenames can be separated by semicolon or space, unless they contain spaces.

The rest of the items in the window correspond to options documented in the 3dmod or 3dmodv man pages. Specifically:

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