splitmrc(1)                 General Commands Manual                splitmrc(1)

       splitmrc - Split an MRC file into CD-sized chucks

       splitmrc [options] MRC_filename

       splitmrc will split an MRC image file into multiple files of a limited
       size, typically the size that will fit on a CD.  Although the resulting
       files are all functional MRC files and could be recombined by hand,
       splitmrc creates a file with information that allows the original file
       to be recreated easily with the companion program, recombine.  This
       listing file has the name of the original image image, with the exten-
       sion ".slist" added to it.  The images files have the original file
       name with ".s1", ".s2", etc., added to it.  If the original file does
       have to be recreated from CDs, it is most convenient (but not essen-
       tial) if the .slist file is stored with the first image file.

       -d pathname
              Place the resulting files in the directory sepcified by "path-

       -m size
              Make the maximum file size be the given number of megabytes
              (e.g. -m 650).

       -b     Make all files except the last one be as big as possible.  With
              this option, which is the default, the last file may end up
              being rather small.

       -e     Make all files equal in size, which will result in all of them
              being smaller than the maximum size.

       The program creates image files with ".s1", ".s2", etc, added to the
       original file name, and a listing file with ".slist" added to the orig-
       inal name.  If any of the output files already exist, a backup of the
       original is created with the ~ extension.

       David Mastronarde  <mast at colorado dot edu>

       recombine, newstack

IMOD                                4.10.22                        splitmrc(1)