The Boulder Laboratory
For 3-D Electron Microscopy of Cells

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The Boulder Lab for 3D Electron Microscopy

Closing of the P41-Funded Electron Microscopy Facility in Boulder

Dear Collaborators, Dear Friends

The Boulder Lab for 3-D Electron Microscopy of Cells has been funded by the NCRR P-41 program since more than 40 years. However, starting with May 1st 2014 there will be no more future funding of the lab by this mechanism except for some ramp-down funding that will allow us to bring ongoing projects to a successful completion.

Our lab will continue to operate as an electron microscopy facility, dedicated to cellular and molecular 3-D electron microscopy. We are we currently restructuring the organization of facility into an operation that will have to cover its cost for personnel and equipment maintenance by charging for services provided. By using this link you will be directed to our new website. There you will find the details about the scientific scope of electron microscopy services we will provide to you in the future, as well as the tariffs we will have to charge to keep us operational as a non-profit enterprise, dedicated to continue electron microscopy service for the scientific community.

I would like to thank to all of you who worked with us in past for all the great collaborations and service projects you shared with us. I hope we will be able to continue to work with you despite the additional costs involved for your labs. I am not pleased by this development, but currently I do not see any other options that would allow us to continue our mission.

With Best Regards Andy Hoenger and the team of the Boulder 3-D lab.