IMOD Discussion Group and Mailing List

We maintain a Google group that is actively used for discussions or news, and a seldom-used mailing list server for major notifications about IMOD.

IMOD Discussion Group

The IMOD discussion discussion group provides a forum for users to pose questions or present problems, offer solutions to others' problems, or make suggestions about improvements. We may also occasionally send notices of new versions or other general news. There is an average of about 10 messages per week. Digests and posting via email (i.e. list server functionality) are provided. Additional capabilities, including browsable / searchable archives, are available through a web interface. Access to the web interface requires a Google login profile, which must be associated with the email address at which you wish to be contacted. (Non Gmail addresses can be used with a Google login, with or without a Gmail address. See the Email section of your Google Account settings). The postings are not moderated, but joining requires approval.

To subscribe or visit the group via the web interface please visit Imod. If you do not have and are not willing to create a Google login and are satisfied with email only access, you can also request membership by sending an email to

asking to be added to the IMOD list, and you will be added manually. Be sure that this email is sent from the same address as you would use to post to the list.

After your request is approved, you will be added to the group and will receive a confirmation email with additional instructions. Once subscribed, we request that you edit your membership settings for this group so that your display name is your real name. To post to the forum you can either use the web interface or simply email your posting to

To cancel your subscription, use the web interface or send an email to

When replying to a previous posting via email, you will have the option to reply to the sender or to the list.

IMOD Mailing List

The IMOD mailing list is used only a few times a year, for notices about new versions and IMOD trainings. Subscribers cannot post to this list. Joining does not require approval.

To subscribe to this list, go to the Email List Manager page and enter your email address, or send an email message to sympa@lists.Colorado.EDU with no subject line and with the contents of your message being just:

SUBSCRIBE imod-notify your-full-name

where your-full-name is your first and last name, including spaces.

To remove yourself from the list, you can go to the List Manager page and press the Unsubscribe link. Or, you can send a message to sympa@lists.Colorado.EDU with no subject line and with the contents of the message being:

UNSUBSCRIBE imod-notify
UNSUBSCRIBE imod-notify email
where the latter would specify the email that you subscribed under; this is essential if it is different from your current email.

If you cannot identify the proper email address to specify, just send an email to:

You will be removed from this list automatically if messages to you are returned with errors.