vmstocsh(1)                 General Commands Manual                vmstocsh(1)

       vmstocsh - converts VMS-style command file to C-shell script

       vmstocsh  [output log file]

       Vmstocsh takes a VMS-style command file from standard input and con-
       verts it to text suitable for piping to a C shell, on standard output.
       The command file may contain: lines to run programs, which must be pre-
       ceded by either a $ or a %; comment lines, preceded by either $! or #;
       and entries to the programs that are run, which follow the line start-
       ing the program, just as in a VMS command file.  If a command line to
       run a program is too long, it may be broken into multiple lines by end-
       ing each line except the last one with a \.  If it is necessary to have
       the command line itself passed to the shell as multiple lines, end a
       line with \\ instead of \.  The command up to that point will be output
       with the \\ converted to a \, and next line will be output on a sepa-
       rate line.  In either case, the continuation lines should not start
       with a $ or %.

       Many C shell commands can be included in the command file as long as
       they are prefixed by $ or %.  Specifically, variables may be defined
       with set and accessed with $variable.  If a variable needs to appear at
       the beginning of a line that is an entry to a program, the line should
       start with \$ and this will be converted to $ instead of interpreted as
       a command line.  This conversion happens only at the beginning of a

       If there is a command-line argument, that argument will be set up as a
       log file: the text output of each command will be directed into this
       log file.

       The easiest way to use this program is through the submbg script
       together with an alias to run submbg in the background, such as

           alias subm 'submfg \!^ & '

       With this alias, if your command file is stuff.com, you can give the
       command "subm -s stuff" and the file will be executed in background, a
       log file stuff.log will be created, and you will be notified when the
       job is completed.  Type 'submfg' to see the usage statement for more

       Written by David Mastronarde, 4/24/1995

       Email bug reports to mast at colorado dot edu.

IMOD                                4.11.0                         vmstocsh(1)