splitcorrection(1)          General Commands Manual         splitcorrection(1)

       splitcorrection - Produce multiple command files for running ctfphase-
       flip in parallel

       splitcorrection  [options]  ctfphaseflip_command_file

       splitcorrection is a Python script that will take a command file for
       running the ctfphaseflip program and produce multiple command files
       that can be run in parallel by Processchunks.

       The only argument that the typical user needs to give is -m to specify
       the number of views to be processed by each chunk.  The default value
       is printed out by the program's usage statement.  Thus, a typical com-
       mand might be
          splitcorrection -m 6 correction.com
       After giving this command, there will be a series of command files cor-
       rection-nnn.com to compute the chunks, a file correction-start.com, and
       a file correction-finish.com to finish the task and clean up intermedi-
       ate files. One can then enter
          processchunks machine_list correction
       where "machine_list" is the comma-separated list of machines to use,
       the number of processors to use on a single machine.

       When the program is invoked with no arguments, it gives a usage state-
       ment that shows the default values for these options.

       -m value
              Set the number of views to be processed per chunk to the given
              value (the default is 5 ).

       -b value
              Number of pixels at each boundary between chunks to save in sep-
              arate boundary files (named setname-nnn.cbound) and rewrite to
              the output file in the -finish.com file.  The default is 2048.

       The finishing command file deletes all the command and log files for
       the chunks after collecting minimun, maximum, and mean density informa-
       tion from the log files.

       David Mastronarde  <mast at colorado dot edu>

       processchunks, ctfphaseflip