imod2vrml(1)                General Commands Manual               imod2vrml(1)

       imod2vrml - Make a VRML model from an IMOD model file.

       imod2vrml [-l]  IMOD_model  VRML_file

       Convert an IMOD model file to the VRML 1.0 file format used by WWW
       browsers and VRML viewers.  The model will generally have similar
       attributes to those set in 3dmodv before the conversion.  Specifi-
       cally, objects that are turned off will not be included in the VRML
       file.  For open or closed contour objects, the various combinations of
       the "Data Type" (Contour versus Mesh) and the "Drawing Style" (Points,
       Lines, Fill, and Fill Outline) should all appear in the VRML model as
       they do in 3dmodv.  However, scattered points will always display as
       shaded spheres, regardless of which of these options are selected.  A
       Fill Color will be used in place of the line color if that option was
       set in 3dmodv.

       For shaded surfaces, the intensity levels may be quite different in the
       VRML viewer than in 3dmodv, depending on the settings in the viewer.
       If you are generating files for a particular VRML viewer, you can
       adjust the Material properties in 3dmodv to get the desired appearance
       in the viewer.  The Ambient setting will have no effect, so adjust
       intensity primarily with the Diffuse setting, and then with the Specu-
       lar and Shininess settings.  Transparency may also need to be set
       higher to achieve the desired level, as well to minimize artifacts from
       overlapping transparent surfaces which become more evident at some ori-

       -l     Use low-resolution meshes, if any are available.  The default is
              to use the highest resolution meshes contained in the model.
              Low resolution meshes can be produced with the -l option to

       Jim Kremer and David Mastronarde

       3dmodv, imodmesh

       Email bug reports to mast at colorado dot edu.

IMOD                                4.11.0                        imod2vrml(1)