SIRT Reconstruction of a Cryo Tilt Series

(IMOD 4.9)

University of Colorado, Boulder


This example data set illustrates how to use the interface in Etomo for reconstruction with SIRT (Simultaneous Iterative Reconstruction Technique).  This method involves three steps at each iteration:

Because SIRT is relatively time-consuming and there is no clear point at which to stop iterating, the strategy is to do a trial reconstruction on a subarea and examine the results after a selected set of iterations.  One can then pick the number of iterations to use for the full reconstruction, a number that may be suitable for other similar data sets.


SIRT reconstruction:

 The example tilt series is of a preparation of bovine papilloma virus (BPV), taken by Mary Morphew on an F20 with a US4000 CCD camera at a defocus of -3.5 microns.