3dmodv View Edit

Every model is initialized with one view that is continually updated as you change the model display, and that is saved with the model. This dialog lets you save additional, independent views. When you store a view, you save the orientation, size, and lighting conditions of the whole model, and also the color, display type, material, and other properties of all of the objects.

Click a view in the list to select and display it.

You can edit the name of the currently selected view in the edit box at the bottom. Press [Enter] after changing a name.

When you create a new object, its properties will be added to all of the views when you take some action that causes views to be stored (i.e., pushing Store, going to another view, or saving the model when Autostore is selected). This means that if you have more than one view, you should set the basic object properties such as open versus closed or 3-D point size before saving or changing views, otherwise only the current view will acquire those new properties.

Hot keys

The regular up and down arrow keys (not the ones in the numeric keypad) can be used to go up or down by one view, and [Page Up] and [Page Down] can be used to go up or down in the list by many views. [Esc] will close the dialog box, and other keys are passed on to the model display window.

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