Bug Fixes for IMOD 4.5.8

6/22/13: Placed all of eTomo's initialization into the Swing event loop in order make eTomo work with Java for Mac 1.6.0_51 (update 16).

11/16/12: Fixed installer to put pylib on front, not end, of path.

10/23/12: Fixed Model View shifting with mouse and montage snapshot when Invert Z is on, and added flush statements to prevent failures in montage snapshots with vertex buffer drawing on.

9/18/12: Fixed 3dmod crashing on X-ray model with no objects.

Bug Fixes for IMOD 4.5.7

8/28/12: Fixed Alterheader FEIPIXEL command, which never worked.

8/28/12: Fixed 3dmodv crash when toggling stereo, transparent background, or double buffer with multiple models.

8/27/12: In Finishjoin, fixed the scaling of the shifts when applying a refining transform with warping and squeezing of the sample.

8/22/12: In eTomo - Final Aligned Stack, fixed the defocus value in the _simple.defocus file to be in nm instead of microns.

8/20/12: Fixed Xfmodel model scaling when applying distortion field.

8/19/12: Added a small CUDA library to Mac package that was needed on our Mac mini.

8/15/12: In eTomo handled chunk error messages with multiple error tags.

8/14/12: Fixed the empty project log error.

7/27/12: Fixed Midas giving an error message when reading an empty transform file.

7/23/12: Fixed bug in Splittilt that made parallel writing fail in SIRT reprojection with a binned aligned stack.

7/16/12: Fixed ancient bug in Splittilt that failed to limit the number of chunks correctly when vertical slices are being done with high X-axis tilt (e.g., in SIRT), and allowed number of chunks to go down to the number of processors in this case.

7/7/12: Fixed treatment of min/max values when reading an ascii model file with contour values.

6/9/12: In Tilt, increased the assumed limit on number of lines in a CUDA array to 65535, the limit on Fermi cards.

6/6/12: In eTomo - Final Aligned Stack, fixed a bug where tilt_3dfind_reprojecta.com was not being created.

5/31/12: In eTomo, removed incorrect error messages from the _err.log.

5/31/12: In eTomo, removed extra lines that had been added onto a warning message.

5/26/12: Made Taperoutvol and Assemblevol preserve angles in header so they are not lost when running NAD.

5/24/12: Fixed problem where eTomo freezes on Ubuntu when it looks for lsof in the wrong directory.

5/21/12: Fixed get_nxyz to take long filenames, which should fix Setupcombine and some other combine steps.

5/15/12: Made Imodhelp able to complete a partial program name and offer choice if several match.

5/15/12: Fix setting of environment variables in Vmstopy.

5/11/12: Fixed Tiltalign array sizes that allowed less than 1440 views (In 4.5).

5/11/12: Stopped Beadtrack from trying to do outlier removal with 3 points and fixed an initialization problem.

5/11/12: Fixed Imodfindbeads crash when outputting filtered file.

5/9/12: Fixed 3dmod loading of RGB data with binning in X/Y.

5/7/12: Needed to prepend pylib to path in Python scripts because there is a pip installer module in some installations.