Bug Fixes for IMOD 4.1.10

4/22/11: Fixed a bug where Etomo - Join was not saving fields to the .ejf file after "Finish Join". This prevented "Get Subarea Size and Shift" from working. Popping up a message with instructions to fix the damage done by this bug.

Bug Fixes for IMOD 4.1.9

3/30/11: Fixed Newstack copying extra header data with multiple input files.

3/30/11: Fixed Densnorm to protect against zero doses, and to truly ignore doses with the -ignore option; added -ignore when running from Sirtsetup.

3/24/11: Fixed a problem in eTomo - NAD where all the iterations tried were not opened in 3dmod.

3/1/11: In eTomo fixed a bug where the RotationAngle was not added to the patch tracking comscript, xcorr_pt.com.

Bug Fixes for IMOD 4.1.8

12/7/10: Fixed section range output from rubberband when there is binning in Z, which was wrong for trimvol extraction and messages to eTomo (In 4.1).

12/7/10: Stopped Sirtsetup from putting out empty com files and doing scaling on iterations not being left.

12/7/10: Fixed uninitialized variable in tomopieces.

11/3/10: Fixed -number option for Point2model.

Bug Fixes for IMOD 4.1.6

9/29/10: Etomo fiducial tracking page now updates the section skip list in the Bead Fixer for an open 3dmod when either View button is pressed.

9/29/10: Etomo now puts multiple separate view lists in tracking and fine alignment on multiple lines in the command file, keeping them separate.

9/29/10: Fixed nad_eed_3d output when input has extra header data.

9/25/10: Increased allowed patch sizes in Ccderaser, made it fall back to taking mean when there are too many points for polynomial fit.

9/22/10: Fixed options to make build under 10.6 work fully under 10.5.

9/20/10: Stopped Bead Fixer from putting arrow on an added point if the next view is on the skip list.

9/20/10: Removed a sync from Queuechunk when killing jobs - it hung things up.

9/16/10: Fixed 3dmod crash when an empty skip list is entered.

9/8/10: Fixed ability to run automated setup comands in eTomo, broken when front page was added.

9/16/10: Installer makes system file temporarily writable if necessary; /etc/profile on OS X 10.6 Server had no write permission

9/15/10: Allowed use of GPU in Tilt with up to 2200 views and fixed problems with very high tilt angles together with tilt axis offsets.

8/31/10: Fixed problems with processchunks hanging when some machines have given errors.

8/17/10: Fixed problem with tilt when reconstructing < 10 large slices, allowed up to 3600 views.

7/30/10: Fixed problem with splittilt when "slice" is in dataset name.

Bug Fixes for IMOD 4.1.4

7/26/10: Fixed Imod2vrml sphere drawing in non-scattered objects.

7/26/10: Enabled building with GPU support on 64-bit Mac OS X 10.6.

7/26/10: Made Tomopitch test for existence of model and ask if it was saved if there is an error reading it.

7/26/10: Fixed rounding of mouse position in graph window so lines will go through the clicked pixel; made graph go through all Z planes.

7/8/10: Prevented numerical errors and crashes in Ctfplotter when run with very low expected defocus values (in microns instead of nm).

7/5/10: Fixed TIFF warning handler to print message instead of trying to pass it on to TIFF handler, which crashed with some files.

6/30/10: Fixed bug in Bead Fixer that froze 3dmod if a "Move all" button was pressed after reading a log with 0 residuals.

6/29/10: Many fixes to prevent illegal array accesses in IF and WHILE statements due to lack of shortcircuit evaluation with ifort compiler.

6/26/10: Stopped midas from stretching transforms on startup when cosine stretch is enabled but not actually on.

6/26/10: Fixed problem with Ccderaser potentially not finding anything in difference search if nothing is examined in the peak search.

6/23/10: Prevented writing large last boundary file when doing Y chunks

6/18/10: Fixed some bugs that crashed Boxstartend.

6/18/10: Popping up the last warning found during a processchunks run.