mrcbyte(1)                  General Commands Manual                 mrcbyte(1)

       mrcbyte - Converts an MRC file into byte type data.

       mrcbyte  [options]  input_file  output_file

       mrcbyte will convert MRC files to an MRC byte type file.  The default
       is to convert the entire file with a full linear ramp and write the
       output to byte type data.  With appropriate options, the intensity
       scaling can be modified to match the scaling achieved when viewing the
       file in 3dmod.  Subsets of the image can also be copied.  Complex
       data will also be scaled just as when loaded into 3dmod, so this pro-
       gram can be used to save a viewable form of a Fourier transform as

       -c black,white
              Specify intensity scaling to match the scaling achieved with the
              given black and white contrast settings in 3dmod.

       -s min,max
              Specify an initial intensity scaling, which will scale "min" to
              0 and "max" to 255, just as is achieved with the -s option in
              3dmod.  If both -c and -s are entered, the final scaling will be
              the product of these two scalings.

       -l     Use logarithmic scaling (valid for short integer and floating
              point data).

       -e     Use exponential scaling (valid for short integer and floating
              point data).

       -R     Reverse contrast in the output.

       -x X0,X1
              Write out pixels in X between X0 and X1, inclusive, numbered
              from 0.

       -y Y0,Y1
              Write out pixels in Y between Y0 and Y1, inclusive, numbered
              from 0.

       -z Z0,Z1
              Write out pixels in Z between Z0 and Z1, inclusive, numbered
              from 0.

       -b     Write raw byte data without a header.

       -r     Request user input for the contrast and size options.

       Example of a manual mrc resizing operation.

       % mrcbyte -r image.mrc byte.mrc
       Enter (min x, max x). (return for default) >10 100
       Enter (min y, max y). (return for default)  >10 100
       Enter sections (low, high)  >0 1
       Enter (black level, white level) >34 200

       Converting Image # 002

       Example of a command that does the same thing.

       % mrcbyte -x 10,100 -y 10,100 -z 0,1 -c 34,200 image.mrc byte.mrc

       There is no protection against taking the log of numbers <= 0 or taking
       exponentials of numbers that are too large.

       Jim Kremer and David Mastronarde  <mast at colorado dot edu>

       3dmod, trimvol, newstack

IMOD                                4.12.32                         mrcbyte(1)