gputilttest(1)              General Commands Manual             gputilttest(1)

       gputilttest - Test reliability of GPU with repeated runs of Tilt pro-

       gputilttest [-l] [-PID] [#_of_minutes] [GPU_#]

       gputilttest is a Python script to test the reliability of a GPU for
       computations in IMOD by running Tilt repeatedly and comparing the
       results on each run to the previous run.  Any nonzero difference is
       counted as a failure.  The program alternates between 10 runs with no
       local alignments and 10 runs with local alignments.  Computational
       reliability is much less of an issue than it was some years ago, but
       this program is still useful for assessing whether the GPU is function-
       ing for IMOD programs.

       It is important to test a GPU before using it for generating tomograms.
       The GPU should be tested again if it is moved to a new machine, if the
       NVIDIA drivers are changed, or if there is a major upgrade to the oper-
       ating system.

       There are two optional arguments for general use that go at the end of
       the command.  The first argument can be used to set the number of min-
       utes to run the test; the default is 1 minute, which is generally suf-
       ficient to flush out problems.  Fractional values may be entered.  The
       second argument is the GPU number, numbered from 1.  The default is to
       use the only GPU or the fastest GPU.  Before these arguments (if they
       are entered), there are also two options: -l to leave the log file even
       when there is not a failure, and -PID to print the process ID (for
       Etomo's use).

       The program creates a number of files in the current directory, and
       removes all of them when it exits, or when it is interrupted with Ctrl-
       C.  The log file for each run, gputest.log, is removed unless the run
       fails or the -l option is entered.

IMOD                                4.12.35                     gputilttest(1)