Using the Batch Reconstruction Interface with Dual-axis Tutorial Data Sets

(IMOD 4.11)

University of Colorado, Boulder

This document will take you through the steps required to reconstruct the IMOD dual-axis tutorial data sets in Etomo's interface for batch reconstruction with Batchruntomo. It explains some of the most important points as they arise. For more details, consult Batch Tomography Guide, which you should read through before trying to process your own data sets in this interface. In this document, labels in the interface are shown in Bold, and entries in fields are shown in Italics

Get started:

      imoduntar tutorialData-1K.tar.gz
    mv tutorialData BB-unbinned   (Use ren instead of mv on Windows without Cygwin)
    imoduntar tutorialData.tar.gz
You can use code>tar -xzf instead of imoduntar except on Windows without Cygwin.

Go to the batch interface and set up the batch parameters:

Add the two stacks, unbinned then binned, and set their properties:

Set parameters for the data sets:

Switch to the Run tab to run the data sets.