SerialEM Help Topics

General Topics

Introduction to SerialEM
Mouse and Keyboard Controls
Control Panels
Image Acquisition from CCD Cameras and Direct Electron Detectors
Acquiring Tilt Series
Using and Troubleshooting Autofocus
Low Dose Mode
Energy Filtering
Using the Navigator
Acquiring Multiple Tilt Series Automatically
Settings Files
Script Commands
Setting Up SerialEM
Property File Entries
Metadata and Navigator File Formats and Other Documentation

Menu Commands

File menu
Settings menu
Camera menu
Calibration menu
Focus/Tune menu
Script menu
Tasks menu
Tilt Series menu
Process menu
Navigator menu
Tools menu
Window menu
Help menu

Control Panels

Buffer Status panel
Buffer Control panel
Image Display Control panel
Microscope Status panel
Microscope Control panel
Tilt Control panel
Camera & Script Control panel
Image Alignment & Focus panel
Low Dose Control panel
Montage Control panel
Filter Control panel
Direct Electron Camera panel
STEM Control panel

Dialog Boxes

File Properties dialog
Read Current File dialog
Camera Setup dialog
Frame File Options dialog
Frame Summing Selector dialog
Frame Alignment Parameters dialog
Gain Reference dialog
Direct Electron Server Reference Maker dialog
Gain Reference Policy dialog
Montage Setup dialog
Beam Autocentering Setup dialog
Specimen Cooking Setup dialog
Tilt Series Range Finder dialog
Tilt Series Range Viewing dialog
Tilt Series Setup dialog
Tilt Series Scheduled Changes dialog
Tilt Series Resume dialog
Tilt Series Back Up dialog
Tilt Series Extra Output dialog
Tilt Series Batch Policies dialog
Navigator window
Navigator Acquire dialog
Navigator Import dialog
Align with Rotation dialog
Imaging State dialog
Script Control dialog
Script Editing window
Multiple Record Setup dialog
Stage Move Tool window