Step and Adjust IS Setup Dialog

This dialog opens when you press the Step To and Adjust IS button in Multiple Record Setup dialog when in Low Dose mode and it allows you to specify which Low Dose area to take images with, what magnification to use, and whether to change the defocus offset if using View or Search.  It is necessary to specify this in advance so that the initial image shift can be applied after going to conditions in which images will be taken.

Low Dose area to use

 Record is always available; View and Search are offered as options if they are not currently set to be in low magnification mode.  Using anything but a higher magnification, near that of Record, has the same limitations and requirements as when initially setting the areas: images should be taken near focus unless there are good calibrations for the effects of high defocus.  If there are image shift boundaries between the magnification to be used and the Record magnification (i.e., such that an applied image shift does not produce the same shift on the specimen at the two maginifications), then there need to be adequate calibrations of rotation angle and pixel size (i.e., 'RotationAndPixel' properties entries) to allow the image shift to be translated accurately from where it is measured to where it is used for acquisition.

Magnification to use

The choices here are the Current mag of area, the Mag at which shifts were recorded, and a selected Other mag.  When you have selected to acquire with the Record area, the latter two are liable to be successful if the magnification is a similarly high one; chosing a much lower magnification would have the same potential problems as using View or Search at such a magnification.  If you have selected View or Search, using another magnification may impose a shift on the area unless the magnifications are well-aligned.  Since all positions are going to be visited, such a shift is not an intrinsic problem, unless it prevents you from finding the first hole to be positioned at.  Note that there automatic change in intensity when switching to a different magnification; you will need to make such changes yourself.

Change defocus offset to

This option is available with View or Serach and allows you to switch from the currently set defocus offset to a smaller one if necessary.  Like using a different magnification, changing the defocus offset may impose a shift that needs to be compensated for when positioning on the first hole.

Press OK to start the procedure; the program will go to the Low Dose area, with modifications if any, shift to the first position, and allow you to take images and store image shift values.

Any changes made to the chosen Low Dose area, either specified here or imposed by you after starting the procedure, will be restored when the procedure is finished.