Buffer Status Panel

This panel shows detailed information about the image buffer currently shown in the main display window, and summary information about several other buffers. For an ordinary image acquired by the user, the summary line for a buffer will show what parameter set was used to acquire the image and whether it is saved to file or not. Other descriptive terms will appear when the program has acquired an image for calibration or tracking, when an image has been processed, or when the image was composed by the montage acquisition routine.

Current buffer spin button

This control can be used to navigate through the image buffers. The up arrow will advance to higher buffers (equivalent to pressing the PageDn key) and the down arrow will move back toward the A buffer (the same as pressing PageUp).

Current buffer details

Below the summary line for the current buffer will appear the image size in pixels, the binning used to acquire the image, the tilt angle, the X and Y stage positions, and the microscope defocus setting. If the image is one piece of a montage, the piece number will be substituted for the X and Y stage positions.

Additional buffer summaries

Up to three additional buffer contents are described, starting from the first buffer and skipping the current buffer.