Tilt Series Range Viewer Dialog

After the series of high tilt images are acquired by the tilt range finding procedure, the stack of images will be resized to nearly the whole available area, and this small set of buttons will appear at the top. Use PageUp and PageDown keys to find and display the image at the last usable tilt angle at one side of the tilt series. Then press Use as Angle Limit. If series were taken for both negative and positive angles, step to the last good image on the plus side and the press Use as Angle Limit again. When you next open the Tilt Series Setup dialog it will import the angle limits that you selected. If you select only one limit, it will import only that limit. Also, if you run the Range Finding procedure again, for example, to repeat the negative series, and then select one new angle limit from that series, a limit that you selected on the previous run for the positive angles will still be available when you open the Tilt Series Setup dialog .

After selecting angles, you should close this dialog. You can choose to retain the image stack, or you can have it closed to free up memory. Press Close to close the dialog and the stack, or Close & Keep Stack to close the dialog but keep the stack open.