Stage Move Tool

This floating tool, opened from the Window menu, allows you to move the stage in any direction and by a chosen multiple of the current camera field of view. Pressing the left mouse button anywhere outside the central gray circle and within the outer red circle will start a stage movement.  The direction of movement will correspond to the direction from the center of the circles to the mouse position.  The amount of movement depends on the distance of the mouse from the center:

Within the thick blue circle, the distance is proportional to the distance from the center, becoming equal to the camera field of view at the thick blue circle.

Outside the thick blue circle, the distance changes faster, becoming equal to twice the camera field of view at red circle.

If the mouse button is held down, the stage move will be repeated as soon as it ends.  The same movement will occur even if the mouse is moved while the button is held down.

For a non-square camera, the amount moved is determined by the minimum of the X and Y size so that there will be some overlap between images after moving by less than a full field, regardless of direction.

Take Image after Move

If this checkbox is selected, the program will take an image of the indicated type when the move is finished, unless there is already a continuous acquisition underway.  The image will be a View if in Low Dose mode, or a Trial if out of Low Dose.


Development of this tool was funded by David Belnap at the University of Utah.