Script Control Dialog

This dialog box allows you to specify conditions for stopping a script from looping. Each limiting condition is activated by a check box; once it is active, you can enter a limiting value in the associated text box.

Stop if tilting up above or down below

These two entries will set the limits for tilting in the positive or negative directions, respectively. The program will stop the script after executing a step that tilts beyond the given limit.

Stop if image level is below

This entry will cause the script to stop if images are too dark. The program will measure the mean counts of the image in buffer A after executing a command that acquires a single image or a montage or autofocuses.

Stop if montage error exceeds

This entry will be compared to the mean displacement error after a montage acquisition, and the script will stop if the error is too high.

Limit number of script runs to

This entry can be used to limit the total number of times that a script will repeat automatically.

Stop if image shift exceeds

This entry will cause the script to stop whenever image shift exceeds the given value.