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CS4113 - Un*x System Administration

Spring 2001

  1. Administrivia and Course Overview
  2. Week one - introduction, basic commands
  3. Week two - OpenBSD install, packages, ports, & rpm
  4. Week three - Booting, Init, Shutdown
  5. Week four - Cron, Syslog, Disks & Filesystems
  6. Week five - Uname, TCP/IP, ifconfig, netstat, DHCP, SNMP
  7. Week six - Tcpdump, NAT, Routing, Inetd, Tcpwrappers
  8. Week seven - IPFilter
  9. Week eight - NFS and AMD
  10. Week nine and ten - DNS, AMD, CFS, Nmap
  11. Week eleven - Sendmail
  12. Week twelve - Ftp and Rdist

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