recombine(1)                General Commands Manual               recombine(1)

       recombine - Recombine an MRC file disassembled with splitmrc

       recombine  [-d directory]  split_list_file

       recombine will reassemble an MRC image file that has been broken into
       pieces with splitmrc.  It will prompt for a new CD to be inserted if
       necessary, make temporary copies of the files from each CD, and combine
       those copies to restore the original image file.  The temporary files
       are then deleted.

       If the -d option is used, the temporary copies will be placed in the
       specified directory.  Otherwise, they will be placed in the current
       directory.  The reassembled file will be placed in the current direc-

       The CD with the listing file (filename.slist) on it should be inserted
       before invoking the program.  The program then operates interactively.
       It will first ask for a command to be entered for ejecting the CD.  If
       you do not enter a command, you will have to eject the CD through
       another window whenever it is time to change CDs.  For each component
       file, the program then asks for the directory where the file is to be
       found.  You can simply type Return to accept the default, which will be
       the last directory accessed.

       If the output file already exists, a backup of the original is created
       with the ~ extension.  The format of the listing file happens to be the
       same as a file for specifying multiple input files to Newstack.

       David Mastronarde  <mast at colorado dot edu>

       splitmrc, newstack

IMOD                                4.9.10                        recombine(1)