numericdiff(1)              General Commands Manual             numericdiff(1)

       numericdiff - compare numeric entries between two text files

       numericdiff  [options]  input_file_A  [input_file_B]

       Numericdiff compares the numeric contents of two text files.  It scans
       through each file, identifying sections of purely numeric text and sec-
       tions with non-numeric text.  Within a section of numeric text, it
       reads the numbers from each file and finds the maximum absolute value
       of the difference between numbers in each column.  These maxima are
       reported for each numeric section, and if limits for the maximum dif-
       ferences are entered, the program reports that there are differences
       above the limits and exits with a non-zero status.

       The lines in a section may have different numbers of columns.  The two
       files can differ in the number of lines in a numeric section; the extra
       lines in one file will be ignored.  Sections of non-numeric text can
       also be different length between the two files.  However, there is no
       attempt to match the text in non-numeric sections, so both files must
       match in the way that they alternate between numeric and non-numeric

       Numericdiff uses the PIP package for input exclusively (see the manual
       page for pip).  The following options can be specified either as
       command line arguments (with the -) or one per line in a command file
       or parameter file (without the -).  Options can be abbreviated to
       unique letters; the currently valid abbreviations for short names are
       shown in parentheses.

       -ainput (-a) OR -AInputFile    File name
              First file to compare.  If this option is not entered, the first
              non-option argument will be used for this input file.

       -binput (-bin) OR -BInputFile       File name
              Second file to compare.  If this option is not entered, the sec-
              ond non-option argument will be used for this input file, if it
              exists.  If this file is not specified at all, a backup file to
              A will be used (the A filename with ~ appended).

       -max (-m) OR -MaxDifferences   Multiple floats
              Maximum allowed difference for each column of input.  A differ-
              ence greater than the specified maximum for the particular col-
              umn will cause the program to exit with a non-zero status.  In
              addition, if the -big option is selected, the two lines that
              differ will be printed.  The number of maximum values entered
              determines how many columns are tested; columns past that number
              are ignored.  If the input files have multiple sections of
              numeric data, this option can be entered multiple times to spec-
              ify the limits for each section.  If there are more numeric sec-
              tions than entries, the last entry of limits will be applied to
              the remaining sections.  (Successive entries accumulate)

       -general (-g) OR -GeneralFormat
              Print maximum differences in general format (up to 6 numbers per
              line, 5 decimal places, exponential notation for small or large
              numbers).  The default is to use a fixed format (f10.4) that
              allows up to 8 numbers per line.

       -strip (-s) OR -StripLinesWith      Text string
              Convert lines containing the specified text to numeric lines.
              This entry allows one type of line with labeled numeric output
              to be converted into pure numeric output and compared between
              the files.

       -big OR -BigDifferenceOutput
              Output the pair of input lines whenever one of the differences
              is greater than the maximum difference specified with the -max

       -help (-h) OR -usage
              Print help output

              Read parameter entries from standard input.

       Email bug reports to mast at colorado dot edu.

IMOD                                4.9.10                      numericdiff(1)