mtmodel(1)                  General Commands Manual                 mtmodel(1)

       mtmodel - to build a MT model out of individual points


       Mtmodel builds a model using a list of unconnected points.  It links
       points from one section to the next by considering each point and see-
       ing if the x-y coordinates are within a certain radius of a point in
       the next section.  It can first do a scan through the points with a
       narrow radius, then further scans with progressively bigger radii
       (ignoring points that are already matched in a previous scan).  By
       default, all objects will be given color 250 (red), but one can have
       objects colored in a cycle of colors or coded for their length and ter-

       One can add the points in the list to an existing model if desired.
       Simply enter the name of this model file as the first entry in the pro-
       gram.  The points at the ends of existing objects will be examined
       first for their possible connections to new points.  Any new points
       within a specified number of pixels of the existing points will be dis-
       carded.  The color and other attributes of the objects in the existing
       model will remain unchanged.


       Name of file with old model to extend, or Return if none

       IF you are extending a model, next enter the minimum distance to
          allow between a new point and a point in the existing model.

       Name of point list file Name of new model file to create

       Radius to search for matching points in first scan, radius to search
          in last scan, number of scans

       1 to use colors to code for the size of objects and whether they
          start at the beginning or end of the data stack

       IF you specify 1, next enter the minimum object length which should
          be coded with the colors for "long" objects

       1 to change the default colors.

       IF you enter 1 here, next specify a list of colors from 247 to 255.
          Ranges (e.g. 250-253) may be entered.
          If you are not coding for object length/endpoints, then the
          default is to color every object red.  In this case, if you change
          the default, colors will be assigned to objects by cycling
          repeatedly through the list that you enter.
          If you are coding for colors, the default color list, and the
          order in which colors should be respecified in the list, is:

       single point=magenta
       points in every section = white
       long from beginning section = orange
       short from beginning section = red
       long from end section = blue
       short from end section = light blue (cyan)
       long in middle only = green
       short in middle only = yellow

       Minimum number of connected points required to make an object in the
          output model.  Points that would conenct into objects smaller than
          this minimum number will be discarded.

       Finally, if there are gaps in the progression of Z values in the list
          of points, the program will tell you how many gaps.  Enter 1 to
          connect points across the gaps; otherwise all objects will end at
          the gaps.

       Written by David Mastronarde, 9/8/88

       Email bug reports to mast at colorado dot edu.

IMOD                                4.9.10                          mtmodel(1)