MRCX(1)                     General Commands Manual                    MRCX(1)

       mrcx - Convert MRC files between different operating systems

       mrcx [-vms|-ieee] filename [optional_output_filename]

       Numbers are stored on computers in two different orders, termed "lit-
       tle-endian" (as on Windows and Linux PCs and Macs with Intel proces-
       sors) and "big-endian" (as on Macs with PowerPC processors and some
       older machines).  Moreover, Unix machines store floating-point numbers
       in IEEE format, while VMS machines stored them in a slightly different
       format.  Mrcx can convert MRC image files from one machine's format to
       another by swapping bytes and, when necessary, converting the format of
       the floating-point numbers.

       The type of data conversion is specified with the -vms or -ieee option.
       (The "Usage" statement issued by entering mrcx without arguments will
       indicate which is the default, probably ieee).  Namely, -vms will con-
       vert files between VMS format and big-endian Unix format, while -ieee
       will convert files between little-endian and big-endian Unix formats.

       If an output filename is given, then the converted data are written to
       a new file; otherwise they are written back into the input file.  Con-
       version is completely reversible, so if an erroneous command is given
       to convert a file in place, just issue the same command to undo it.

       Ross Dargahi, Jim Kremer, and David Mastronarde

       Extra data in the extended image header are converted as short inte-
       gers, which works for data from SerialEM but not for extended headers
       in the FEI/Agard format.

       Conversion to and from VMS format is available only on big-endian

       There is no longer an attempt to write a new title for the conversion.

       Email bug reports to mast at colorado dot edu.

IMOD                                4.9.10                             MRCX(1)