imod2patch(1)               General Commands Manual              imod2patch(1)

       imod2patch - converts a model to a patch displacement file

       imod2patch  [-v column] IMOD_model_file  output_patch_file

       Imod2patch converts an IMOD model originally produced by Patch2imod
       back into a list of patch positions and displacements.  Specifically,
       for every contour in the model consisting of at least two points, it
       outputs a line listing a 3-D position and a displacement.  The position
       is that of the first point.  The displacement is the vector from the
       first to the second point, divided by the scaling factor that was
       stored as the pixel size in the model header.  The resulting file can
       then be analyzed by Findwarp or Refinematch.

       If the original patch file contained extra value columns, such as cor-
       relation coefficients (from Corrsearch3d) or residual values (from
       Refinematch or Findwarp), and these were stored as values in the
       model file by Patch2imod, then Imod2patch will add these values to
       each line, or a 0 if there is no value for a particular point.  Multi-
       ple columns of data will be restored and their ID numbers, if present
       on the first line in the original patch file, will be output to the
       first line of the new file.  If a particular column was made primary
       with the -v option to Patch2imod, then it can be moved back to its
       original position with the -v option here.  For example, the second
       column can be made the first general value by entering "-v -2" to
       Patch2imod, and restored to this position by entering "-v 2" to this

       If the output file already exists, it becomes a backup file with ~
       added to its name.

       David Mastronarde

       patch2imod, corrsearch3d, findwarp, refinematch

       Email bug reports to mast at colorado dot edu.

IMOD                                4.9.10                       imod2patch(1)