endmodel(1)                 General Commands Manual                endmodel(1)

       endmodel - make a model file with starting & ending points of contours


       Endmodel will make a new model file containing only specified starting
       and ending points of contours in a model.  The contours in the the
       original objects may end up in completely different new model object.

       Entries to the program:

       Name of input model file

       Name of output model file

       Number of different objects to create in the output model.  For each
       such object, next enter the following two lines:

          "Color" of the object in the output model, and number of kinds of
          ends to include in that object.  This "color" is 256 minus the
          desired object number.  (For example, "250,4" to include
          four kinds of ends in object 6)

          A list of pairs of values: each pair consists of an object number
          in the old model, and either a 0 to take the starting point or a 1
          to take the ending point for each contour in that object.  (For
          example, to take starting points of contours in objects 1 and 3,
          and ending points of contours in objects 2 and 4, enter the list
          "1,0,3,0,2,1,4,1" )

       Number of points to generate for each new model contour, and the incre-
       ment in Z between them.  If you need this model just to look at, enter
       "1,0" to get just a single point.  If you intend to run an MTK analysis
       of 3-D distances between these ends, you need at least 2 points; in
       this case enter "2,0.1"

       Written by David Mastronarde, 11/23/92;  modified for IMOD 4/24/97

       Email bug reports to mast at colorado dot edu.

IMOD                                4.9.10                         endmodel(1)