addtostack(1)               General Commands Manual              addtostack(1)

       addtostack - add sections to end of existing stack


       Addtostack will append sections from one or more files to an existing
       image file.  The X and Y dimensions of all files must match.  All sec-
       tions will be appended from the files that are being added.  No image
       transformation or scaling is performed.  The header of the resulting
       image file will be set to give "pixel spacing" of 1 (grid and cell
       sizes equal to image size).

       There is one option: whether or not to make a copy of the existing file
       before adding sections to it.  If you elect to make a copy, this will
       take some extra time and will require the disk space to hold 2 copies
       of the file.  You will then be able to examine the new file to see if
       it meets your expectations before deleting the old file with a purge
       command.  If you do not make a copy, the program will run quicker and
       less disk space will be required, but it is conceivable that the file
       will become unusable if certain types of errors occur.  (If you specify
       a non-existent file or one of the wrong size, or if there is an error
       reading one of the files, the file being appended to will NOT become

       Entries to the program:

       Name of file to append to

       0 to append to existing file, or 1 to make new copy and append to it

       Number of files to append to the file

       Names of these files, one per line

       Written by David Mastronarde, 5/28/90

       Email bug reports to mast at colorado dot edu.

IMOD                                4.9.10                       addtostack(1)