Slicer Angle Storage

This window allows you to store slicer angles and positions in a model and return to those positions in a slicer window. It has a table that shows all of the stored angles and positions. You can edit the values in the table as well as enter a label for each one. When you open this window, a toolbar will appear in each slicer window with buttons that allow you to save angles from that slicer into the table or set the angles from the table. The angles can be saved only when you press a button, or an automatic (continuous) update mode can be selected so that angles are recorded as they change. All stored angles are assigned a time value corresponding to the image file being displayed. When more than one image file is loaded into 3dmod, the table shows angles only for the current time. Each time has an independent value for the current row, so the current row may switch when you change times.

There is also a button in this window to set the angles in a slicer window. If there is more than one slicer window, the angles are set in the last active slicer. A slicer window becomes the active window when you use a hot key, slider, or other control in that window, not when the slicer acquires the focus for keyboard input.

Angles are usually saved to or set from the current row of the table. A row can be made the current row by clicking in one of its cells, or by clicking the numbered button on the left.

All of the information in the table is saved as part of the model file and becomes available when a model is read in to a new instance of 3dmod. Undo and redo are available for all changes in stored values.

Slicer toolbar buttons. The labels on these buttons are brief, but they have descriptive tooltips.

Buttons above the table. These buttons operate on one row of values in the table.

Working with the table.

Operations on volume angle sets. These controls appear when you have loaded more than one image file into 3dmod, or when the model file already has angles stored for more than one time value from a previous run with multiple image files. They operate on the entire set of angles shown in the table at once and they allow you to change the set of angles associated with each volume.

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