Object List Dialog

The Object List dialog conatins a complete set of checkboxes for turning objects on and off. The object names and colors are also shown. In addition, there is a set of controls for defining groups of objects and turning objects in a group on or off. There can be multiple groups of objects, and an object can belong to more than one group.

The top row of the Object Group Selection section contains a spin box for selecting the current group, an indicator of the number of groups defined (initially /0 when there are no groups), and an edit box for entering a name for the group. The second row has buttons for operating on the groups themselves, and the third row has buttons for operating on objects.

Initially, the spin box will show None and all buttons will be disabled except New. When you create a new group with New or select an existing group, the rest of the buttons will become available. In addition, a second checkbox will appear for each object, to the left of the On/Off checkbox, to indicate whether the object is a member of the group.

In addition to these buttons for turning groups On and Off, a number of properties can be changed in tandem for members of a group by selecting Group in the Edit combo box of the Object Edit dialog.

The object groups defined here will be saved as part of the model, but the number of the current group is not saved between sessions of 3dmod. When the program is started as 3dmod rather than 3dmodv, changes in groups can be undone just like other model changes.

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