Multi-Z Window Controls

The Multi-Z window is a special form of Zap window that can display the same area from successive slices in an array of panels. Z increases from left to right within a row and then from bottom to top in the window. The current Z value is shown in the middle panel of the array (for an even number of panels, the middle panel number is the number of panels divided by two, so it is below or to the left of the window center). Panels outside the range of available slices are left blank. The window first opens with a single row of 5 panels, but parameters such as the number of rows and columns and the window size and location will be remembered between invocations of 3dmod. The window retains as much of the Zap window functionality as makes sense, but many features do not exist. For example, there is no rubber band, modeling is not allowed, and contrast floating cannot be based on subareas.

Mouse Button Assignments

Descriptions below refer to the first, second, and third mouse buttons. By default, these correspond to left, middle, and right buttons of a 3-button mouse, but you can change these assignments in the 3dmod Preferences dialog, accessed via the Edit-Options menu entry.

The Regular Zap Tool Bars

The Multi-Z Tool Bar

Hot Keys special to the Multi-Z window

For other keys, see Help - Hot Keys in the 3dmod Info Window.

Mouse button function in movie mode

Mouse button function in model mode

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