Model Movie Sequence Dialog

Movie Segments and Sequences

This dialog allows you to save a series of movie parameters that have been set up in the Model Movie dialog, then run all of the movies in sequence. The series of images produced by pressing the Make button in the Movie dialog is referred to as a movie segment, and a series of such movie segments is referred to as a movie sequence. Each time that a segment is saved in the Sequence dialog, the parameters governing that segment are stored internally, and the segment is represented by a new row in the table.

Several pieces of information are stored for each segment in addition to all of the values shown in the Movie dialog. They are:

Controls in the Movie Sequence Dialog

The controls are organized in 3 sections. The top row of buttons modify the segments stored in the table by taking information from the Movie dialog or by deleting a segment. The second row of buttons operate in the reverse direction, applying settings in the currenly selected segment either to the Movie dialog or directly to the display. The bottom row of buttons operates on all segments, running them, saving them to file, or loading from a file.