3dmodv Model Edit

Current model # spin box
Multiple models can be loaded with 3dmodv, either on the command line or through the File menu. To page through the different models use the Current model # spin box or the 9 and 0 hot keys.
Move radio buttons
The Move radio buttons allow one to choose between having actions move just the current model, One, or having actions move All of the models.
Edit radio buttons
The Edit radio buttons toggle between editing just the current model, One, and editing All of the models for each model edit. This can include editing done in the Edit Objects and Edit Controls dialogs, as well as the zoom factor of the model display.

In the Edit Objects dialog, numerous features can be changed in tandem for the same object in all models, or even for all objects in all models. These include: material properties, transparency, point size, line width, the drawing data type and style, object color, and whether objects are on or off. However, when Group is selected in the Edit control of that dialog, only the objects in the current model will be changed, regardless of the setting here.

In the Edit Controls menu, the clipping planes and perspective can be changed together, and typing a value into the Scale box will set all models to the same scale. If the zoom is changed with arrow buttons or hot keys, all models will change their zoom by the same amount.

View selection box
The View selection box allows one to choose between viewing just the current model, viewing the current model and the previous model, viewing the current model and the next model, or viewing all of the models. The 8 hot key toggles between viewing one and viewing all models.
Show All at Same Scale
This button allows one to set all models to the same display scale as the current model.
Internal name
The Internal name text box allows you to enter a name that is stored in the Imod model, separate from the filename.
Pixel size
The Pixel size text box allows you to set the pixel size of the model, which is needed for extracting quantitative information. Enter a number then the units of measurement. Available units are km, m, cm, um, nm, A, and pm.

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