Model View Keyboard Commands

Many of these hot keys are available in the HotKey menu, which gives you another way to look up the keys or execute the operations.
ArrowsTranslate model in X and Y, or translate clipping plane with Ctrl held down, or translate current point with Ctrl and Shift held down, if it is a scattered point.
PageUp/PageDownTranslate model in Z, or translate clipping plane with Ctrl held down, or translate current point with Ctrl and Shift held down, if it is a scattered point.
Ctrl+Shift+DeleteDelete the current point if it is in a scattered point object and 3dmod is in model mode.
KeypadRotates model in X, Y and Z, or rotates clipping plane with Ctrl held down
Keypad-2/8Rotate around X viewing axis
Keypad-4/6Rotate around Y viewing axis
Keypad-3/9Rotate around Z viewing axis
Keypad-EnterToggle continuous rotation on and off (Keypad-5 may also do this)
Substitute KeypadThe key cluster centered on U can also be used for rotating the model or clipping plane (the Rotation tool provides another substitute to the keypad)
7/JRotate around X viewing axis
Y/IRotate around Y viewing axis: but Ctrl+U, not Ctrl+Y, rotates clipping plane
6/HRotate around Z viewing axis
UToggle continuous rotation on and off
TShow top of model
BShow bottom of model
LShow left side of model
RShow right side of model
FShow front of model
KShow back of model
SToggle stereo mode
Shift+SSnapshot image as a non-TIFF file to
Ctrl+SSnapshot image as a TIFF file to modvnnnn.tif
Ctrl+Shift+SSnapshot image in second non-TIFF format to
Ctrl+OOpen a model (when run as 3dmodv)
OOutput transformation information and movie frames/sec
COutput clipping plane information
Ctrl+CToggle current clipping plane on and off
-/=Decrease/Increase zoom by small steps
Keypad +Increase zoom by small steps
_/+Decrease/Increase zoom by big steps
MOpen movie control window
Shift+OOpen Object Edit window
Shift+COpen controls window
Shift+ROpen Rotation tool with buttons for rotating model or clipping plane
Shift+BOpen background color window
Shift+LOpen Object List window
Shift+MOpen model selection window
Shift+VOpen view editing window
Shift+IOpen image overlay control window (only when run from 3dmod)
Shift+UOpen isosurface display control window (only when run from 3dmod)
ZToggle display of Z image planes (only when run from 3dmod)
DToggle double buffering
Ctrl+Shift+VToggle use of vertex buffer objects
Ctrl+RToggle low resolution drawing of mesh and spheres
PToggle display of current point (only when run from 3dmod)
G/Shift+GIncrease/Decrease the quality of sphere drawing
F11 or &Switch threshold for isosurface to other side of distribution
[/]Adjust parallax for stereo viewing
AInvert the parallax angle
,/.Decrease/Increase rotation increment and speed
1/2Decrease/Increase time for 4D models
8Toggle displaying all models or one model
9/0Previous/Next model
Ctrl+ASelect all visible contours in current object
Shift+DDelete selected contour(s) if picked in model view
Ctrl+FApply last change applied in the Fine Grain dialog to the currently selected item, if the Last button for that change is enabled in that dialog.
Ctrl+ZUndo the last change to model. Undo/redo does work when the program is run as 3dmodv, but the list of actions that can be undone is cleared if you switch between models.
Ctrl+YRedo the last undone change to model
Esc/QClose Model View or Quit 3dmodv

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