Locator Window

The Locator Window provides an overview of the entire image area with a box indicating the area being displayed in the most recently active Zap window. If the rubber band is on in that Zap window, the box will show the area of the rubber band rather than the area of the whole window. The mouse can be used in this window to reposition the area shown in the Zap window.

The active Zap window is the last Zap window in which a keyboard or mouse action was taken. Simply selecting a window or making it the focus for input does not make it active; you need to take some action there.

The zoom of the image is set so that the whole image fits in the window. The window is originally sized with a zoom of 1/6. You can change the zoom by resizing the window.


The Up and Down arrows increase or decrease the window size, and thus the image zoom, by a factor of 1.5.

Mouse Actions

First button click: Select center of the display in the Zap window. If the rubber band is on, the rubber band is centered as close as possible to the selected position, and the image is centered on the rubber band.
Second button drag: Move center of the display in the Zap window. The pointer can be anywhere in the window; it need not be within the box. When the button is pressed, the cursor will change to indicate the position can be moved; then the Zap window position will be moved by the same amount as the mouse is moved.

Hot Keys

-    Decrease window size by factor of 1.5
+    Increase window size by factor of 1.5
ESC   Close the window

Other keys are passed on to the main program for processing.

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