Contour Copy

This dialog allows one to copy the current contour, or mutiple selected contours, to a selected section, object or time index. If copying to a section or time index, only contours matching the section number or time of the current contour will be copied.

The selection box provides options for copying contours to a particular object, to a particular section, or to a different time index. In each of these cases, the spin box will be active and allow you to select or enter the number of the object, section, or time the contours will be copied to. In addition, you can select copying to the next or previous section, or duplicating contours on the same section. In these cases the spin box is inactive.

The radio buttons determine the number of contours copied. The standard choices are to copy just currently selected contours, all contours with the same surface number, or all contours in the object. With the first choice, multiple contours can be copied at once by selecting them with Ctrl and the first mouse button, or with the Ctrl+A or Ctrl+Shift+A hot keys (which select all contours on the section in the current object, or all objects, respectively). Only those selected contours in the current object and on the same section as the current contour will be duplicated or copied to another object; but for copying to another section or time, selected contours from multiple objects can be copied. Again, only those contours matching the section or time index of the current contour will be copied when copying to a section or time index, while all eligible contours in an object will be copied when copying to another object. When copying to a time index, another option is available, to copy all contours in all objects from the current time index to the selected time index.

When copying to another object is selected, the checkbox Make equivalent ellipse can be turned on to add an ellipse with the same second moments as the contour instead adding a copy of the contour to the other object. This provides a way to visualize the equivalent ellipses whose properties are reported by the "-e" option to imodinfo. Both the current object and the objected being copied to must be closed contour objects.

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