Bug Fixes for IMOD 4.9.3

4/17/17: Starting using system seek call directly on 64-bit systems, solving very slow seeking for files bigger than 256 GB in Linux.

4/17/17: In Corrsearch3d, trimmed tail off bottom end of histograms to improve ability to detect dips.

4/15/17: In Etomo - Join Serial Tomograms made local fitting and reference section checkboxes mutually exclusive.

4/14/17: When Copytomocoms and Autofidseed make subdirectories, they try to make sure they are writable on Windows.

4/12/17: Made Corrsearch3d use fallback criteria initially if too many patches are eliminated after structure histogram analysis and increased fraction trimmed off of top of histogram analysis to exclude gold better.

4/12/17: Made -d option to imodhelp work for people without source.

4/12/17:In Etomo - Post Processing fixed a problem where a modified tomogram size was not reflected in Trimvol dialog values.

4/7/17: In Etomo, fixed a problem where the Batchruntomo Interface would not come up when no calibration directory was available.

4/6/17: In Etomo, reduced repetition in the error log when debug is on. The stdout from processes run by etomo will be sent to the error log starting at debug level 2.

4/6/17: In Etomo, added handling for new batchruntomo .edf file entries.

4/5/17: Made Batchruntomo use directive rather than existing value in com file to decide whether to use local alignments.

4/5/17: Fixed Subtomosetup for use with binned aligned stack.

4/2/17: Added option to Framewatcher to set time to wait after a stack stops being modified.

3/31/17: In beadhelper plugin, fixed file filter for loading tilt angle file, fixed incorrect test for problematic tilt increments, switched from hard-coded English character for degree sign to "deg".

3/31/17: Fixed genhstplt and other Fortran graphics programs to run under Qt5.

3/31/17: Increased patch size limit to 40000 in Ccderaser.

3/27/17: In Etomo fixed the tests run by uitest.

3/17/17: In Etomo reduced log messages coming from file operations.

Bug Fixes for IMOD 4.9.2

3/17/17: Made installer copy startup scripts to /etc/profile.d for Ubuntu versions > 9 since this mechanism now works.

3/16/17: Made tapering outside for tilt series aligned stack use smoothing to reduce artifacts generally and especially for K2 data.

3/15/17: Made Corrsearch3d reject implausible dip from histogram analysis and not eliminate patches for having low structure measure iff too many are eliminated.

3/15/17: In Etomo - Template Editor loading values directly from the template and batch directive files.

3/14/17: In Etomo added the templates to the setupcombine call.

3/12/17: Fixed Drawing Tools sculpt mode so that removing intersections does not take unreasonable time for huge contours, and so that sculpting in a reduced contour does not add points back everywhere, only near the mouse.

3/11/17: In Etomo - Batchruntomo fixed the handling of com/batchDefaults.adoc when saving the batch autodocs.

3/10/17: Fixed Batchruntomo to ignore errors inside the lines of CHUNK ERROR output from Processchunks.

3/10/17: Virtually all command line programs will print usage with just a -help option, in most cases with just -h.

3/4/17: In Etomo fixed the handing of empty comments in autodoc files.

3/3/17: Modified Alignframes pairwise option to specify 1/2, 1/3 or 1/4 of frames.

3/2/17: Made preNAD copy extended header properly to output file.

3/2/17: Fixed preNID option specifications so that it runs, made it copy extended header to output file and set min/max/mean of output file, added some detail to the man page to make the program potentially useful.

2/28/17: In Etomo - PEET corrected that storage and display of the Missing Wedge Mask in the Volume Table.

2/28/17: Added option to 3dmod Contour Move dialog to do all points in contour when converting spherical points to a set of circular contours.

2/28/17: In Etomo - Tomogram Positioning fixed a dialog update problem that was occurring after running cryoposition. 2/27/17: Made initial Zap window be sized right when -iz option is used and there is not a previous window size available

2/27/17: Made tomosnapshot copy header of .st file and take thumbnails of .preali or .ali for montage if possible.

2/27/17: Made Copytomocoms give a warning when starting and increment angles seem to go in wrong direction, and Tiltxcorr suggests this in its error message when cosine stretching is on and the angle goes through 90.

2/27/17: Fixed 3dmod going back to previous surface when a new contour is started after pressing N or New surface.

2/27/17: Made Colornewst work if JPEG output is specifed by environment variable and indicated HDF and TIFF capabilities in man page.

2/26/17: Cleared out offsets in 3dmod model offset dialog and updated model header dialog when new model is loaded.

2/26/17: Fixed problems in Transferfid when Edmont is used to extract a subset of montaged stacks for processing.

2/26/17: Made Midas report error and not try to work with warp transforms if the pixel size was set in the volume after finding the transforms.

2/26/17: Fixed some problems in Blendmont with only one piece.

2/26/17: Added environment variable to set size of boundary region when writing in parallel to an MRC file.

2/24/17: Fixed Tiltxcorr crash when finding warping and there are fewer than 3 points on a view.

2/24/17: Fixed some problems with freezing and slow loading with the 3dmod tile-strip cache.

2/23/17: Fixed reading of image planes bigger than 2 GB from MRC files on Mac and Windows.

2/22/17: In Etomo - Fiducial Model Generation solved a problem where the autofidseed values did not transfer when transferfid was run if the "from" axis dialog had not been opened.

2/22/17: In Etomo - Tomogram Positioning when cryoposition is used, zeroing out X axis tilt and tilt.com. Also fixed tomopitch.scaleFactor.

2/21/17: Added option to Clip normalize to specify rotation of gain reference.

2/18/17: In Etomo - Fine Alignment setting tiltalign.XTiltDefaultGrouping to a default when it is missing.

2/18/17: In Etomo - Tomogram Combination defaulted automatic patch fitting to on.

2/14/17: In Etomo - Tomogram Positioning corrected binning tomopitch.com removed temporary binning fix for cryoposition.

2/14/17: Fixed Beadtrack light/dark bead detection if there is one bead.

2/13/17: In Etomo - Tomogram Positioning defaulted LeaveTempFiles to -1 in cryoposition.com.

2/12/17: IMOD_4-10-1 2/12/17: Enabled all builds to be done with Qt 5.

2/12/17: Added new flag to Ctfplotter/Ctfphaseflip defocus file to invert tilt angles and indicated in man pages what to do when importing data with the -invert option set.

2/8/17: Changed ERROR: tag on messages from processchunks when it goes to kill a delayed job that never started to avoid confusing Etomo.

2/8/17: Fixed detection of need for light beads option in Beadtrack.

2/4/17: Fixed reading of gray-scale PNG files by Mrc2tif.

2/4/17: Made -G option of 3dmod work to read in PNG and other image formats read with Qt as gray-scale.

2/4/17: Fixed program name completion in Imodhelp for Cygwin.

2/2/17:In Etomo - Batchruntomo fixed a problem where removing excluded views did not work for dual axis tomograms.

2/1/17: Made Batchruntomo report when excluded views are removed and prevent removing them again if the list matches what was removed.

1/31/17: Added support for new FEI extended header and ability to read in new FEI files with inversion in Y.

1/24/17: Fixed extraction of piece coordinates over 32767.