Bug Fixes for IMOD 3.13.6

8/20/09: Fixed eTomo bug that made it rerun copytomocoms completely (overwriting existing com files and their parameters) upon opening the Final Aligned Stack panel if the CTF correction com files are not present.

5/26/09: Fixed processchunks to ignore error lines when getting ssh version.

Bug Fixes for IMOD 3.13.5

4/30/09: Incorporated fix to problems in mrctaper from 12/20/08.

4/30/09: Fixed problem in dm2mrc that shows up with latest tcsh on RHEL5.

4/22/09: Fixed imodhelp command for Windows.

Bug Fixes for IMOD 3.13.4

4/6/09: In Etomo fixed the Tomosnapshot menu option so that it is on all the time.

4/2/09: In Etomo - PEET changed Phi, Theta, Psi increments so that a 0 value defaults to 1.

3/27/09: Header now inverts the sign of rotation angles from FEI header because they are defined as clockwise positive.

3/25/09: Fixed uninitialized variable in Xfjointomo.

3/34/09: Tomosnapshot copies coms to a directory and strips .com.

3/23/09: Fixed initialization of maximum in Ctfphaseflip so output file with negative values will not have a maximum of 0.

3/18/09: Fixed bug in Tomopitch when two contours of a pair are drawn in opposite directions.

3/18/09: Fixed computation of volume inside mesh in imodinfo.

3/13/09: Fixed subarea floating when moving rubber band in Zap window.

3/11/09: Fixed 3dmodguide to load fully in Qt assistant.

3/9/09: Fixed display of current point in model view to stay on model point in model mode.

3/6/09: Fixed Tiltxcorr's adjustment of shift for uncentered correlation box to avoid division by 0 at 90 degrees.

3/3/09: Made combine.com convert volcombine.csh to unix line endings to get around bug in Cygwin tcsh.

2/27/09: Fixed 3dscat option in Imodmop, broken by change on 1/7/09.

2/25/09: Fixed truncation of curves in prints from Ctfplotter.

2/24/09: Etomo CTF correction now works with non-integer spherical aberration.