Bug Fixes for IMOD 3.11.5

3/21/08: Fixed running of Finishjoin from eTomo.

3/20/08: Modified Windows .cmd wrappers so scripts can be run by their full path (but still doesn't work from eTomo).

3/4/08: In Ccderaser, fixed bug when patch had more than 1000 pixels, fixed merging of multiple circles, and increased linear maximum extent of patches to 200.

3/3/08: Fixed linklibs-mac to include libimesh not libmesh, and to add Intel libraries for Intel Mac.

3/3/08: Fixed ability to run graphical Fortran programs on Mac (broken 3.10.22) and provided individual script to run each so it would run from command file.

3/3/08: In Blendmont, fixed bad scaling of mode 1 data, fixed double-scaling of one line with binned output, and restored old behavior of floating to positive range for mode 1.

2/28/08: Increased size of arrays in Corrsearch3d.

2/21/08: Fixed ability to run anisotropic diffusion from etomo in Windows: changes in Chucksetup, Processchunks, eTomo.

2/18/08: Stopped Processchunks from misinterpreting 'cd:' in a complaint about a key from ssh as a failure to cd.

2/18/08: Stopped eTomo from taking up increasing memory and CPU time up to 100% if the parallel processing screen is left open for hours.

2/18/08: Kept processchunks from using lots of CPU time when there are many "machines" and many chunks.

2/6/08: Prevented 3dmod started from eTomo from crashing by writing messages (e.g., from modv snapshots) to terminal after eTomo has exited.

2/4/08: Fixed findhotpixels if filenames entered with -input & -output.

1/31/08: Increased allowed filename length from 120 to 320 in header; filenames too long were screwing up tomograms.