fixgradtable(1)             General Commands Manual            fixgradtable(1)

       fixgradtable - Adjust magnification gradient table for new crossover

       fixgradtable  new_crossover  old_grad_table  new_grad_table

       Ths Python script adjusts all of the intensity values in a magnifica-
       tion gradient table produced by Findmaggrad(1) for a change in the
       crossover intensity.  Since the gradient depends on the distance
       between the intensity value and crossover, the table is corrected sim-
       ply by adding the difference between the new and old crossover values.

       Enter three arguments: the new crossover intensity, the existing gradi-
       ent table file, and a name for a new file with the adjusted intensi-
       ties.  For an FEI microscope, the intensity must be the value used
       internally, which is different from what appears in the user interface.
       The value can be obtained from the SerialEMcalibrations.txt file after
       calibration crossover in SerialEM.

       David Mastronarde (mast at colorado dot edu)

IMOD                                4.10.22                    fixgradtable(1)