convertmod(1)               General Commands Manual              convertmod(1)

       convertmod - to convert an IMOD model file to a WIMP model file

       convertmod [inputFile] [outputFile]

       Convertmod  will read in a model file (WIMP ASCII or IMOD) and output a
       WIMP-style ASCII model file.

       As of IMOD 4.10.12, the program accepts the input and output file names
       as command line arguments, or queries for the names if the arguments
       are not there.  When an IMOD model is read in, it is now written with
       the same C library routine used to write models from 3dmod, after undo-
       ing the scaling imposed when it was read in to this Fortran program.

       Email bug reports to mast at colorado dot edu.

IMOD                                4.10.22                      convertmod(1)