adocxmlconv(1)              General Commands Manual             adocxmlconv(1)

       adocxmlconv - Convert autodoc to XML file or vice versa

       adocxmlconv  [-r rootname]  inputFile outputFile

       adocxmlconv will convert file in the IMOD autodoc format to an XML
       file, or a simple enough XML file into an autodoc.  When converting
       from autyodoc to XML, each section is written as a top-level child of
       the root element in this form: <typeName name="value">, although the
       global section is written as <PreData> without a name.  Key-value pairs
       within a section are all written as children of the top-level child
       with the form <key>value</key>.  Empty values are allowed and written
       as <key />.  Any XML file that conforms to this structure can be con-
       verted to autodoc; namely, each top-level child must have a name
       attribute except "PreData", and children of those nodes must be simple
       key-value pairs with no attributes or children.  The latter will simply
       be lost.  If a top-level child has attributes other than "name", they
       will be turned into key-value pairs in that section of the autodoc.
       Other than this, when converting from XML to autodoc, the program will
       report the number of occurrences of various nonconforming features.  SH

       -r name
              Set the name of the root element when converting to XML; by
              default, it will be "autodoc".

       If the output file already exists, it will be made a backup file by
       adding ~ to its name.

       David Mastronarde

       Email bug reports to mast at colorado dot edu.

IMOD                                4.10.22                     adocxmlconv(1)