Direct Electron Server Reference Maker Dialog

This dialog is used to acquire dark and gain references for normalization of images in the Direct Electron server.  The server itself manages all of the multiple acquisitions and summing operations required.  The server keeps track of references separately for different settings of the frames per second (FPS).  This dialog allows you to set the essential parameters for all of the kinds of references needed; i.e. 6 kinds when electron counting is available and otherwise 2 kinds.  The exposure time and the number of acquisitions are stored separately for each kind of reference.

Type of Processing: Linear - Pre-counting - Post-counting

When electron counting is available, this set of radio buttons in included to allow you to make all of the needed references.  Select Linear to make dark or gain references using the current FPS set for Linear mode.  Select Pre-counting to make such references using the current FPS for counting mode.  There is nothing intrinsically different between these references except for the FPS, so if you do not have different FPS values for the two modes, separate references are not needed.  Select Post-counting to make a gain reference to apply after electron counting at native resolution, and Super-resolution to make a reference for super-resolution counting images.

Type of Reference: Dark - Gain

Select whether to make a dark or a gain reference; only a gain reference can be made if Post-counting or Super-resolution is selected.

With hardware binning by 2

This checkbox appears if hardware binning is available; hardware binning will be used if it is selected.

Exposure time

Enter the exposure time to use for each individual image to be acquired by the server.

Number of acquisitions

Enter or use the spin button to select the number of individual images to take and average in the server.

When you press the Yes button, the program will initiate the acquisitions; the status bar will show the number done.  If you press Cancel, parameter changes will be discarded.